The easiest way to
discover what you'll love.
Refreshingly simple.
Tipflare is the refreshingly simple way
to find new movies, music, restaurants,
and more — all personally selected
based on what you already like.
Discover anything.
Tipflare starts you with common
topics, like books and movies.
But you can add any topic you
want — artists, sports, museums,
whatever. After you tell Tipflare
some examples of what you like,
it immediately tells you examples
(tips) of what it thinks you'll love.
Add your friends.
Connect to your Facebook account
so Tipflare can consider your friends'
interests when giving you tips. Also,
Tipflare lets you and your friends come
together to find tips you can agree on,
like a new movie to watch or restaurant
to eat at. Integrating with Facebook
makes it easy to discover new things
you and your friends will love together.
Anywhere, anytime.
If you're bored and looking for
something new, Tipflare can help.
"Featured Tips" gives you tips
based on where you are, the day
of the week, the time of day, and
more. For example, at dinner time
it suggests a restaurant close to
you. Similarly, on a weeknight it
suggests a TV show.
Handpicked for you.
Tipflare thinks about your tastes based
on what you like and shows you what
it thinks you'll love most. If you get tips
with friends, Tipflare considers your
and your friends' tastes put together.
Every tip you get comes with a word
that represents how much of a match
the tip is for you (and your friends),
which helps you decide what to try.

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    To give suggestions for places like restaurants, Tipflare needs to know where you are. Above, you'll see a message asking whether to allow Tipflare access to your location. You can choose to deny Tipflare access, but if you do Tipflare will not be able to recommend places like restaurants.
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        Tips for a few helps you find tips that you and your
        friends will agree on, like a new movie to watch
        or a restaurant to eat at.

        Select some friends above, and Tipflare will
        come up with tips that are a match for all
        of you put together.
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